Free Will

Having free will-which we can briefly describe as the power or inclination to make a decision whether to do something or not-is a distinctive element of being human and is the very essential of ethical conduct.

The Enigma of Time

Under no circumstances can it be said that any nation possesses a greater authority than others with respect to physical power or spiritual values.


Compassion is the beginning of being, without it everything is chaos.

The Nature We Have Destroyed

Nature is, in its particulars and as a whose, an exhibition of Divine miracles. However, rather than call it an exhibition, we prefer to call it a ‘book’. For we sense and study it as a book and observe it in admiration as if looking through a book gilded in a very splendid way. Appearing before us every morning arrayed in a new, dazzling and richly decorated dress, it breathes into us a new life and spirit and enraptures us.


Creation began with a syllable of speech made up of two letters, namely Be. The roads leading from unity to multiplicity, from single to plural, appeared with speech and were illuminated with words, which are parts of speech. Before speech resounded in their hearts, man was in no way different from animals were not different from rocks or earth.

Light to be Seen in Chaos

The modern age in which we live, despite its many beauties and its promises to mankind, has been an age of suffering and despair for the oppressed peoples of the world. Those peoples, who did not have enough intellectual, cultural, economic and psychological preparation to cope with that age, have, like a desperate lover who has not been able to attain his goal, suffered much from seeing their hopes and expectations frustrated. Muslim peoples particularly have not been able to find a way to free themselves from their pitiful condition.

The Madness of Power for Its Own Sake

Those who have the power and technological means to satisfy their greed and feelings of hate and vengeance, can bring about as much destruction in a single day as would have taken a century in the past.

Humanity, Science, and Globalization

Existence, which exists solely for humanity, was created in order to bear fruit for all people. Earth was decorated for humanity, just as the sky serves as a dome and the sun as a torch to light up this world. All of creation, except for humanity, fulfills its functions perfectly, and all realms beyond humanity's reach depict an absolute serenity, peace, and joy.

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