Hungarian GP: Hamilton wins to take lead in drivers' championship

Lewis Hamilton cruised to a comfortable victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix to take the championship lead for the first time this season. The world champion controlled the race from the moment he passed Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg at the start and is now six points ahead of the German, the BBC reports.

The Invisible Script on the Visible : Mathematics

If you follow scientific magazines, you may have realized one thing: articles on mathematics are seldom published in such magazines. The major reason is that, in a way, mathematics is a world which is difficult to comprehend, a world where abstract logic is embodied in concrete statements. It cannot be said to be popular among people except for mathematicians, for it is thought to lack a literary side and emotional appeal, and to be rather uninteresting. Mathematics draws the attention of those who try to understand the universe and the reason of creation; it fulfils this duty by unveiling the secrets of creation.

Humanity, Science, and Globalization

Existence, which exists solely for humanity, was created in order to bear fruit for all people. Earth was decorated for humanity, just as the sky serves as a dome and the sun as a torch to light up this world. All of creation, except for humanity, fulfills its functions perfectly, and all realms beyond humanity's reach depict an absolute serenity, peace, and joy.

How To Make Our Children Love Reading

When reading is mentioned, we usually talk about the reading habit of adults, and ignore that of our children. However, if children do not read, if their parents do not read to them, then there is a serious problem. Making children love reading and making them read the right books at the right age is the duty of all parents.

The Amazing Coordination in the Brain

The human brain coordinates between its halves. Because of this incredible communication and coordination, the brain is able to seamlessly operate our body's most complex motor skills and functions.

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