Gov’t promotes national online learning platform

The new school year will take place via a national online learning platform, which is inclusive, easy to use and provides for learning in five languages. The platform is practical and brings education and content closer to students.

Students will be able to see their classrooms and teachers via their computers and smartphones, while teachers will be able to use all audio and visual materials available on the platform in terms of homework and teaching lessons, including quizzes, tests and other innovative contents.

Trainings for use of the platform in the first level have covered 30 national instructors, while 1,600 teachers have been covered in the second level who have been appointed as instructors and would need to further train all other teachers at the level of individual schools.

Speaking at Friday’s press conference to promote the platform, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev urged all teachers and parents to support the process, and voiced a message to children to grasp all opportunities, as good education makes free citizens.

“The pandemic made us see why we’re in need of an education system in good condition, and we need to be committed to its digitalization, reform and improvement. For the first time, we’ve designed a unique national online learning platform, created exclusively with domestic resources and experts. This is an encouragement and an impetus to further improve it and adapt it to the needs of every student in our country,” PM Zaev said.

He pointed out that in addition to Macedonian, the platform provides for teaching in Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, and Bosniak.

“The readiness of the institutions and the education system for change is a proof of the continued commitment to long-term goals – quality and innovative education for all. As a Government, we give our full support to the implementation of this process,” Zaev said.

According to him, the pandemic has made it clear that as a country we have a lot to learn in terms of planning investments in education and the importance of this for all of us.

Education Minister Mila Carovska said the preparation of the platform was an investment in the future and modernization of education.

“The platform is a first step forward to modernization of education. A new tool, which I’m convinced will be an important resource even after overcoming the coronavirus crisis. The coming period won’t be easy, neither for the teachers nor for the parents nor for the students. Change is always difficult and adapting to change requires a huge sacrifice from all of us,” Carovska said.

According to Carovska, the chosen combined approach will ensure a balance between providing good education and protecting public health.

The national distance learning platform is a result of the cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science, the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering, and MASIT.