Education ministry releases video with school protocols

The Ministry of Education and Science, supported by UNICEF and USAID, has released a video of the protocols for pupils, teachers and parents upon the children’s return to school on October 1.

The video is already available at the Facebook accounts of the Ministry of Education and Science, Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska, UNICEF and USAID.

“This school year is different from others, because instruction will take place in special circumstances, but we can easily protect ourselves from the virus if we abide by the protocols. Observance of protocols will be especially important for children in the 1-3 grades, who will physically attend instruction. Therefore, it is very important to explain to them how a school day will look like in a very simple way, step by step,” says the ministry.

According to the protocols, children’s temperature will be measured upon entry in the school, they will have to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters and wear face masks at all times, except during meals and outdoor activities. They will also frequently wash their hands, while classrooms will be ventilated.

“COVID-19 protection is a joint responsibility of parents, teachers, pupils and school staff – all of us. Observance of protocols will contribute to our own protection, but also our loved ones and the public health in general,” underlines the ministry.

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