ALSAT-M: “Yahya Kemal” College In Macedonia Will not Be Closed

ALSAT-M: “Yahya Kemal College” In Macedonia Will not Be Closed

After the speculative and groundless news of some portals that Colleges will be closed, The public relations specialist Sureya Tauk and The Minister of Education and Science mr. Pishtar Lutfiu made a statement about status of college for ALSAT-M National Channel.

In his statement Tauk indicated the news about that Colleges will be closed are unreal and College authorities will go to law for these claims. “I want to say again that As Yahya Kemal Colleges we are not an institution of Turkey and financed by outside. We have 7 partners one from Germany, one from Macedonia and five from Turkey. But, we are operating with the enrollments deposits and credits from Macedonian Banks. I surely can say that our schools will be open on the 1st September 2016. Our Parents and students should not be worried.” Said Tauk.

Yahya Kemal College has about 2000 students and according to some news, colleges will be closed after the failed coup in Turkey. Turkey officially asked from Kosovo and Albania to close these educational institutions a short time ago. Burt There is no any official information that Turkey have the same demands from Macedonia yet.

The Minister of Education and Science mr Pishtar Lutfit in his assessment says that during Yahya Kemal Colleges work according to the rules of Macedonia will get support of the Ministry.

“Colleges has adequate documents and act according to law.. This is the most important for our ministry. According to some information that we have, student graduated from these colleges enroll high rank universities” said Minister mr Lutfiu.