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"Yahya Kemal" College High School scholarship exam announcement.

The scholarship exam will be held on Sunday, 09.05.2021, at 11:00 ( Skopje, Tetovo-Bogovinje and Struga).

Ninth grade students can apply from website.

The application deadline is 07.05.2021.

In the scholarship exam:

  • Mathematics, general culture and IQ questions will be answered.
  • The scholarship exam will be held in Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and English.
  • It is not compulsory to know English and Turkish languages ​​in order to register for the exam.
  • Students who qualify for the first 25 places in the exam will receive a discount from the tuition fee according to the table below (for Skopje, Tetovo-Bogovinje and Struga).

1.  100%,             4.   70%,       10-13. 40%,

2.  90%,               5- 6. 60%,       14-19. 30%,

3.  80%,               7-    9. 50%,       15-25. 20%.