Jovanovski pressing charges against at least 30 people

Former TV owner Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13 on Friday at the Public Prosecutor’s Office resumed filing criminal charges in connection to the cases codenamed “Racket” and “International Association”.

Charges are being filing against at least 30 people, his lawyer Sasho Dukovski said.

Jovanovski started filing charges last week and the process will probably take few more days, the lawyer said.

“Charges are being filed against many people, at least 30. Due to the gravity of the issues noted in the charges, the plaintiff asked international institutions for the protection of human rights to get involved as well as ambassadors accredited in the Republic of Macedonia,” Dukovski told reporters.

Asked about reports of threats being made against Jovanovski last week when he spoke to prosecutors, Dukovski said he had pressed charges against unknown perpetrator for safety endangerment.

Last week, the entertainer turned businessman started pressing charges against state officials for abuse of office, fraud, perjury, torture, etc.

Jovanovski in “Racket” case was found guilty and sentenced to nine years in prison, while the former head of the Special Public Prosecution, Katica Janeva, was given seven-year prison sentence.