Kovachevski: Goce Delchev’s ideals a legacy and a roadmap for unity, understanding and progress

Kovachevski: Goce Delchev’s ideals a legacy and a roadmap for unity, understanding and progress

Today we paid respect in peaceful and dignified manner to the world visionary and inspirer of the Macedonian revolutionary work and statehood, Goce Delchev at his grave honouring his 151st birth anniversary, PM Dimitar Kovachevski wrote on Facebook, who led government delegation to commemorate Goce Delchev's birth anniversary in the Skopje church of St. Spas.

“The ideals of the great visionary Goce Delchev, who more than a century ago understood the world as a field for cultural progress among nations, are an understandable bequest and a roadmap for the policies of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, based on dialogue and respect, as top cultural and civilizational benefits. Delchev's messages about unity and cohesion, when it comes to national interests and state strategic goals, are equally relevant today. And they are a sacred obligation for everyone, while we build the Republic of North Macedonia into a society for all citizens and integrate it, after the largest security alliance, NATO, which is already a reality and as a full and equal member of the European Union, into the family of European nations and states,” Kovachevski said in Facebook post.

Government delegation, led by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, including First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations Artan Grubi, Defence Minister Slavjanka Petrovska, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and Culture Minister Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska, laid fresh flowers and paid respect to the distinguished revolutionary Goce Delchev, for his contribution to the fight for freedom and Macedonian statehood, government said in a press release.

The event in honor of the birth of vanguard of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle, Goce Delchev, began with high state honors and the Macedonian anthem performed by the opera singer of the National Opera and Ballet, Vesna Ginovska-Ilkovska.

Then followed the laying of flowers and paying respect to the great revolutionary, Goce Delchev, by state officials and the delegations that attended the celebration of his birth anniversary today, including the President Stevo Pendarovski, the Vice-President of the Parliament, Goran Misovski and members of parliament from the ruling majority and from the opposition, the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, General-Lieutenant Colonel Vasko Gjurchinovski, representatives from the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence. Delegation of the Union of NOAVM Fighters, vice-presidents Naum Burevski, Elena Jovanova Grujovska and Jocko Dimitrievski and delegations of political parties also laid flowers.

The official observance of the 151st birth anniversary of the great Goce Delchev in the St. Spas church in Skopje early on Saturday took place in a peaceful and dignified atmosphere and in the spirit of the messages of the great Macedonian revolutionary, Goce Delchev, government said in a press release.