Ex-German MP: Macedonia's NATO membership important for stability in the region

Ex-German MP: Macedonia's NATO membership important for stability in the region

 NATO membership benefits include security, democracy, freedom and economic growth. An accession to the Alliance paves the way toward future membership in the EU.

Integration into these two organizations is key for the future development of Macedonia - these are some of the conclusions of Tuesday's debate on 'Implementation of NATO Principles in Macedonia', organized in Skopje by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Speaking at the debate Reinhold Robbe, former German lawmaker, said that he was optimistic Macedonia would become a member of NATO, which in his opinion is an important step not only for the country's stability, but also for the whole region. 

"I'm saying this to persuade skeptics. The North-Atlantic Alliance wasn't founded to wage wars and to seek military means in order to solve political issues. NATO is a community of democratic nations that foster shared values," Robbe noted.

He praised 'the pragmatic solution' to settle the name issue with Greece.

"Now, Macedonia is faced with the possibility of becoming part of NATO and the EU and nothing stands in the way to meet this objective. As NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said, NATO invitation is not a linguistic floscule, it is serious. If the September 30 referendum is successful, these steps will be made undoubtedly," the ex-member of the Bundestag stated.

Дебата НАТО кино Култура

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska pointed out three important advantages from Macedonia being in NATO. First and foremost, it includes security, which shouldn't only be reduced to threat from conflicts, she noted.

"NATO membership will also affect the status, position and quality of armed forces," stated Sekerinska.

According to her, the second important advantage from NATO membership is economic growth.

"I see it as a confirmation that businesses, domestic and foreign companies shouldn't worry anymore about security in the country. For the first time, the amount of foreign investments in Macedonia has more than doubled. NATO membership usually goes hand in hand with economic development, job creation, etc," said Sekerinska.

The third advantage, she noted, is that NATO membership facilitates a candidate's accession toward the EU. "Macedonia is in a race against time and every month lost can put the country in a different context," the Minister noted.

All citizens, Sekerinska said, have the chance to help Macedonia meet its strategic goal by choosing on September 30 Macedonia to become the 30th member of NATO.

Speaking at the debate, Macedonia's National NATO Coordinator Stevo Pendarovski referred to several important benefits from NATO accession, including solidarity, democracy, freedom, pluralism, good neighborly relations, tolerance for diversity, etc.

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