With its quarter-century-long publishing focus on peace and reconciliation, ZAMAN Macedonia has gained the appreciation of people from al strata of society.


Due to the current suffering of printed publication, the government of Macedonia had started supporting compatible media organs via a subvention plan initiated last year. ZAMAN Macedonia was one of the 11 media institutions considered eligible for the subvention.

However, following this, an intriguing series of events occured before the eyes of the general public. As we may recall, upon the menacing statements of the Turkish Embassy in Skopje, that were almost destructive of diplomatic practices, ZAMAN Macedonia renounced the subvention.

Due to these lynch attempts being continued from various areas, we have decided to end our 25-year-long printed publication as ZAMAN Macedonia. Our Turkish newspaper and Albanian magazine will be published to their readers for one last time in the upcoming days.

ZAMAN Macedonia, as a consequence of the path print journalism has taken, will continue meeting its readers on social media platforms and online news portals.

We hereby would like to express our sincere gratitude to our loyal readers who supported their newspaper regardless the defamations and accusations, as well as the Macedonian Association of Journalists, Printed Press Protection Association, and the media community altogether.

Lastly, we would like to thank the Republic of North Macedonia and the government of North Macedonia for providing us with an environment of freedom of press and their continued and sincere support all throughout our 25 years of print journalism.

Editor-in-Chief & Director: Memet Emin Coban