Meet Pillo, a personal home health robot

Meet Pillo, a personal home health robot

Meet Pillo, a personal home robot that aims to empower people of all ages to better manage their health.

He can answer your health and wellness questions, connect you directly with healthcare professionals, and securely manage your vitamins and medication; storing, dispensing, and even ordering refills when you need them.

The robot has been created by Emanuele Musini, Aiden Feng and James Wyman and announced Pillo with an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign as well. They call it “the home health hub of the future.”

According to the company, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, caregiver, or simply need some help with your wellness regimen, Pillo gives you the tools and information that you need to stay healthy.

The device stands 13-inches tall, and can hold approximately 250 medium-size pills in tamper-proof containers within the device. Besides dispensing medications, the device can automatically order prescription refills and answer health-related questions.

A report by The Verge believes that it is “too good to be true”. It adds that it seems too good to be on Indiegogo, where it just launched a campaign to raise $75,000 (which doesn't seem like enough money to do anything substantial). The company states that Pillo will retail for $599 when it will be released in June 2017.