FM Dimitrov: 'Conditional' progress made in Vienna, difficult issues remain

FM Dimitrov: 'Conditional' progress made in Vienna, difficult issues remain

Conditional progress has been made in the name negotiations, because as we are moving forward, we are coming across more difficult issues.

On our part, we have a lot to think about, a lot to measure things up against, and the other side has a lot of things to think about, too. We were thinking logically, what is the most important thing for one party and what is for the other party, and can we encompass the two things in the compromise that is our goal. However, it's no surprise that as we are more concretely coming closer to a solution, many difficulties are being unearthed.

This was stated by Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov Friday after a seven-hour meeting in Vienna with his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias and UN name envoy Matthew Nimetz.

According to Nimetz, there is positive progress, but difficult issues remain that need to be settled.

The mediator called the meeting 'productive', which makes him to be 'optimistic about the future.'

"Both ministers are focused on long-term relations, on stability in the region, and on the importance of good relations between the two countries. I'm hopeful that we can continue to work in a very positive way," Nimetz told reporters after the meeting.