Washington, Los Angeles lift curfews as unrest eases

Authorities in Washington, Los Angeles County and elsewhere lifted curfew orders impacting millions of people as unrest over the killing of George Floyd eases.

A wave of curfews were instituted around the country over the weekend after a viral video of the unarmed black man’s killing at the hands of police catalysed massive protests.

The video showed Floyd being arrested and a white police officer kneeling on his neck for nearly 9 minutes.

The unrest, including incidents of looting, arson and violent police crackdowns, largely gave way to peaceful protests on Wednesday evening.

In the nation’s capital, which has seen a stand-off between demonstrators and law enforcement outside the White House, Attorney General Bill Barr said Thursday authorities will seek a “low-profile footprint” and take down some barriers around the White House.

In Los Angeles, tens of thousands took the streets on Wednesday evening after three more officers were charged for aiding and abetting murder in Floyd’s killing.

New York City also saw a calmer atmosphere on Wednesday evening, although the nation’s largest city will continue its curfew orders on Thursday.

Curfews have also lifted in San Francisco and Salt Lake City among other cities.

Still a White House spokesperson said President Donald Trump holds all options “on the table.”

While local mayors and governors have largely called for peace and racial reconciliation, Trump’s rhetoric has focused on calling for an increasingly aggressive crackdown on unrest and partisan attacks.