Bulgaria tightens restrictions amid spike in Covid infections

Bulgaria tightens restrictions amid spike in Covid infections

The health authorities in Bulgaria announced Thursday they are tightening the restrictions amid a surge in coronavirus infections in the country. The infection rate in Bulgaria is an average 483 per 100,000 population which places the country ninth in the EU, said Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kounchev.

Bulgaria is not an exception to the situation and is not unique, he added. The wave of the British variant of the coronavirus has spread across the whole continent and now Central Europe and the Balkans have the highest infection rates, said Kounchev.

Catering establishments will be closed to visitors and will offer only home deliveries. This applies too to restaurants in hotels where guests will have to eat in their rooms.

Classes in schools are suspended, kindergartens and nurseries will close too.

Gambling halls and all commercial outlets with an area larger than 300 square meters will close with the exception of food shops. Shopping centers and malls will be closed and only pharmacies, optician shops, pet stores, dry cleaning services, banks and telecom operators will be allowed to stay open on their premises.

Congresses, conferences, seminars, trainings, exhibitions and other public events are banned. Gyms and swimming pools will close together with cinemas, museums, and dance classes. Celebrations, weddings and christenings are allowed with only up to fifteen people present.

Health Minister Kostadin Angelov urged the political leaders to do what it takes and prove their concern for every single person in the country.