Kovachevski: World Children’s Day reminds us of our responsibilities to children

Kovachevski: World Children’s Day reminds us of our responsibilities to children

This day reminds governments what their priorities should be and what they need to do to make sure children have a better future; it is a reminder for society of its obligations to children, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said Monday addressing a Unicef event held to mark World Children’s Day.

Organized together with the Football Federation of Macedonia, the event was held under the motto “We’re All One Team.”

“This year’s World Children’s Day coincides with the start of the Football World Cup. In that football spirit and team energy I would like to say our community will be strong as long as we, as one family, look after those who are our country’s future – the children,” Prime Minister Kovachevski said.

Bringing up the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the energy crisis, Kovachevski said the last few years were challenging for families and children. He pointed out the pandemic changed children’s lives, education, and friendships.

Still, he said, he believed that challenges made people stronger and that success could be achieved as a result of a “brave and proactive attitude to life.”

“We want to instill this approach in our youngest, too, and on this day loudly tell them to be their own spokespersons and advocates for their own rights,” the PM said.

“World Children’s Day is our reminder of the obligations we, as a society, have to our children, especially those whose position is very sensitive,” he added.

Unicef Representative Patrizia DiGiovanni and FFM head Deni Masev also gave speeches at the event, which included a friendly football match.